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We recently cleared into South africa,  Joost Veldman’s Toyota Land Cruiser.  Joost, Marleen and Felice will be traveling Africa for the next 6 months. On closer inspection you notice that Joost has made some modifications to the seating arrangements on the Cruiser with a child seat fitted between the front two seat allowing Felice  to travel up front with her mom and dad…. pure genius.

Car Seat up Front


Cape town was there first stop on a trip which will take them through Wilderness, East London, Port St.John’s, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi and finally Tanzania and Dar es Salaam.  You can follow the Veldman’s adventure at



We wish Joost, Marleen and Felice all the best on their exciting journey and are glad Freight Management could be a small part of it.